The age of technology

Communication, work, entertainment, social interaction… every aspect of our lives is being transformed in the digital age.

New technologies

Biotechnology is revolutionizing medicine. Autonomous electric vehicles promise a cleaner future.

Technology news

Follow technology news to keep up with the latest developments and trends that are shaping the world.

New frontiers

The workspace in the digital age

Driven by the advent of technology, the way we work is being reinvented. It’s pushing back the boundaries of the traditional workspace.

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Listening to innovations

Trends & the future of technology

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) enables computers to assimilate information, reason and make decisions autonomously.
Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a revolution in the way devices interact and communicate with each other...

Technology & Privacy

Keep your data safe

Data protection

Data protection remains a constant challenge for companies, administrations and individuals alike.


Cryptocurrencies operate on a decentralized basis, offering a host of advantages: fast, low-cost transactions, enhanced security…


Blockchain is a revolutionary data storage technology that is revolutionizing many sectors.

1 Operating systems

User-friendly graphic interfaces and advanced functionality

Operating systems (OS) are essential to the operation of any electronic device. They coordinate the tasks of the various components and hardware to keep your computer or smartphone running smoothly.

2 Security software

Antivirus, firewall, intrusion detection and VPN tools

Security software is an essential line of defense for your computer systems. They protect them against a multitude of threats, such as viruses, malware and hacker attacks.

3 Productivity software

Boost your productivity
at work

Save time and optimize your daily tasks with productivity software. Your work becomes simpler and faster with word processing, presentations, project management, emails, documents…

4 Creative software

Bring your ideas
to life

Creative software is an essential tool for exploring your creativity and producing high-quality artistic projects. Graphic design, music production, 3D modeling… access advanced functionalities.

Human-computer interaction

Technological advances in consumer electronics

Consumer electronics are revolutionizing your daily life. It offers you unprecedented comfort and connectivity, and transforms the way you live.

Game consoles


Drones make it possible to film or photograph places that are inaccessible or dangerous to humans.
Today, there are many different types of TV screens: ultra-HD, OLED, curved and even transparent.

Practical & futuristic

The must-have electronic accessories

Electronic accessories enrich your life. Bluetooth speakers deliver sound quality, while foldable smartphones combine aesthetics and innovation.

Wireless chargers simplify your life. Connected watches are another trendy gadget. They allow you to monitor your health and receive notifications. As technology continues to evolve, these accessories become companions that meet your needs.

Innovation technology

Driving change and progress

WAN, LAN, VPN and Wi-Fi

Network connectivity

Popular, secure and cost-effective

Cloud data

Optimize work processes


Law and technology

The law is constantly adapting to technological developments. Laws on confidentiality, intellectual property and civil liability are essential to regulate the use of these innovations.